May 14, 2013 - Odyssey Pavilion

Before I get to the Odyssey Center, I will say that we did ride Spaceship Earth.

Now, I will say I absolutely LOVE Spaceship, this has no bearing on how I feel about the attraction.  But, when you are really sleepy, don't go on a long dark ride narrated by a person with a soothing voice. :D

Anyway, before we headed out of Future World, we stopped at the Odyssey Pavilion which houses the park's Annual Passholder center.

They had various animatronics on display...

Including this one from "Kitchen Kabaret," one of my favorite shows from 1980s Epcot!

And this audio-animatronic of Figment from the original "Journey Into Imagination!"

It was also at this point that I started to notice my 18-55 mm lens was having a problem with the autofocus.  While I got it to start up again, sadly, the next day, this lens would cause me some problems at the end of day the next day (You'll see why this is extra sad for me when I get to that point).


  1. Geez, they let a non-WDW AP holder in?! Next you'll be telling me you connected to their special AP centre wifi! ;) LOL!

  2. Hey! They didn't say Annual Passholder to a specific park! LOL! ;)

  3. Lol :P You know I just tease... or do I? ;) LOL


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