May 13, 2013 - Too Darn Hot...

To borrow a lyric from the great Cole Porter...Too Darn Hot!

After our Closing Ceremony in California, we still had several hours before our flight to Florida.  While we tried to go outside, the over 100 degree temperature sucked the will out of us.  In fact, when Dan, Jon and I went into Disney California Adventure for a short period of time, we ended up spending most of the time trying to hydrate at the Carthay Circle Lounge.  So, we decided to go back and just sat in the nice air conditioned lobby of the Grand Californian and tried to relax.  Who knew that California, a normally temperate place, would provide the hottest weather of any city during our trip.


  1. In all you DL blogs, you didn't mention the crazy flying monkeys! Err.. I mean the acrobatic teens at the Grand Californian! Still remains one my craziest memories from the trip! LOL!

  2. Oh, my GOD! I totally forgot about them! I don't know how I could! See...this is why I'm trying to blog about it all at once as some things are getting hazy.

    But, YES...those crazy kids and their Cirque du Soleil type act trying to sneak into Disney California Adventure through the fence near White Water Snacks at Disney's Grand Californian was one of the most insane things I had ever seen!!!!

    Thanks for reminding me of it!


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