May 12, 2013 - Breakfast at Flo's V8 Cafe

It had become quite apparently that people were extremely tired and so our call time to come together was later in the day that morning.  Having gotten a little more sleep by skipping the fireworks and Fantasmic! the night before, I met with Dan and Jon to go into Disney California Adventure a little earlier since we each were Annual Passholders.  And, again, I am using photos from previous trips at times to illustrate some of this blog entry.

We went over to Cars Land and had breakfast at Flo's V8 Cafe.

This is actually one of my favorite restaurants at the resort.  The theming through out the restaurant is just so much fun.  You walk in and you feel like you're at a 1950s diner.

There are actually two dining rooms to Flo's.  The primary one is part of Flo's complex itself and is dressed like a showroom for Flo's old girl car group the Motorama Girls.

The view from this room and from the patio area outside is the reason why this restaurant is one of my favorites.  When you eat here, you really do feel like you're on a road trip on Route 66 getting a bite to eat.

On the other side, you're actually eating at Doc Hudson's Ornament Valley Medical Clinic, complete with the kind of decor you'd find at a car doctor's office.

You can even find Doc Hudson's Piston Cups (HE DID WHAT?!?!?  LOL).

Oh, remember how I had told you about grumpy people being at the U.S. Parks.  Well, that morning, we had seen one of the craziest things.  While we were waiting in line, we all of the sudden saw this mother go crazy.  She literally slammed the stroller she was pushing at the wall with full force.  At first, we thought the stroller was empty and that she was frustrated with the stroller.  But, no...there was an actual child inside.  Everyone around gasped and the horrified father quickly scooped them all out of the restaurant quickly.

After I thought about it, I wish I had tried to detain them and call Child Protective Services.  I really did fear for that child's life.  I don't care what that kid did, she did not deserve to be slammed into a wall full force, even if she was in a stroller.  And, it was the, imagine what that mother's rage probably became later in the day.  It just happened so quickly and everybody was in shock at what they had seen.  I felt so sad for that kid.


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