May 11, 2013 - Fantasy Faire

After going on a few attractions in Fantasyland, we went to visit the new Fantasy Faire which was the first time for the majority of the Disney Dreamers.

While I've been here several times, I think they did a really nice job with the little space they had to work with.  I remember when Princess Fantasy Faire where it used to be was such a frustration.  You could be there for hours just to meet three Princesses.  But, at the new Fantasy Faire, the lines are much more manageable.  We had an opportunity to go into the Royal Hall to meet Ariel, Cinderella and Aurora.

After, we watched the "Tangled" show at the Royal Theater.  The seating in the place is probably my biggest problem.  There are actually only a few good seats in the place.  Inexplicably, they placed the piano player up front, blocking the view of a portion of the theater.  And, even then, the elements they place on the piano, such as the candlestick, are placed on the side that further obstructs the view.  And, the tent pole in the middle doesn't help.  Getting a middle seat pretty much assures your view will be blocked.  I was in a seat blocked by the piano and these were the only good shots I could get (note the candlestick invading a few of my shots)...

That said, the "Tangled" show (and the "Beauty and the Beast" show which I've seen before) is EXCELLENT.  They did the right thing in making the show more humorous as told through storytellers.  It's much less corny than the old Princess Storytelling show and keeps the energy and laughs up.  And, it's a nice way to give people an opportunity to meet the characters.  I'm so glad Disneyland still has Flynn Rider meeting with Rapunzel.

After meeting Rapunzel and Flynn, we ducked into the Fairytale Treasures store which I think they did a nice job with.  I love the decor and details...

I love the Tangled Tower in the middle of Fantasy Faire!

On the way out, Snow White and Belle walked by and waved hello.  How nice of them.  How often do you have two princesses chatting and taking the time to wave at you. ;)


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