May 10, 2013 - Opening Ceremony for the Disneyland Resort

After a short (emphasis on SHORT) rest, we headed over to Disneyland around 10 pm for our Opening Ceremony for the Disneyland Resort.

We were taken over to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree where we saw not only a buffet dinner set up for us, but character meet-and-greet stations.  Despite our exhaustion, we were very excited to see what the evening had in store!

After entering the Jamboree. we were asked to sit down on the benches at the stage so that the ceremony could begin.  Suddenly, Mickey came out in a horse-drawn carriage.

And, suddenly, the stage filled with Mickey's friends and dancers all wearing western costumes.  Joining them was the Master of Ceremony Jamboree Jed.

Disneyland Resort Ambassador Sachiko White joined everybody on stage.

Since Donald was the Character Ambassador for the Disneyland Resort, we were all given duck bill quackers like this (Thanks to Chris, Sayena, Evan and Little Sally for modeling)...

...and several prominent cititzens of Duckburg will brought out to help celebrate, including Launchpad McQuack...

...Uncle Scrooge with Huey, Dewey and Louie...

...and from Duckburg University, Professor Ludwig Von Drake!

After some more formalities, Mickey and Friends in their western costumes and the citizens of Duckburg came down to meet with us!

And, after some meet and greets and our delicious buffet dinner, our friends from Disneyland were ready to say good-night to us...

Donald and Daisy even accompanied us to the front of the park in the horse-drawn carriage.

But, before we left, we were given an opportunity that I had been waiting for!  We were given a tour of Walt Disney's apartment above the Fire Department.  I've been to Club 33 and to the Dream Suite in New Orleans Square, but never to Walt's apartment.

Sadly, although understandably, we could not take pictures up there.  But, it was much more emotional than I thought.  And, I remember one of the guides telling a story about Walt up there and getting weepy.  It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

That, and being able to take pictures of an empty Main Street at night...

Despite the exhaustion, I was pumped and ready for our time at the Disneyland Resort!


  1. Were there any other characters at that evening, in addition to the ones mentioned here? I heard somewhere that there were additional characters then.

  2. No...these were the only characters out that night. We met lots of characters along the way, but these were the characters at our Opening Ceremony at Disneyland. We met others during the Closing Ceremony which I'll blog about when I ge there.

  3. Just one character missing: Grandma Duck !!!!!!!


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