A Note About The Disney Dreamers Everywhere Theme Song

So, I just wrote about our being Grand Marshals for the parade at Hong Kong Disneyland and it dawned on me that some people might not know what I'm talking about when I talked about the theme song.  There was a theme song written specifically for the Disney Dreamers Everywhere world tour.

Some people have told me that the melody is from an old Disneyland Paris parade called imagiNATIONS.  But, I only know it from what was produced for this event.

Honestly, I'm not necessarily a big fan of modern Disney Park music.  The last song I really enjoyed being produced was the Baroque Hoedown for the Main Street Electrical Parade back in the day.  But, having been part of this journey, this song has become very special to me.  It was played every opening and closing ceremony at every resort we went to as well as during special moments, such as when we were Grand Marshals.  Hearing it always makes me feel something exciting and magical is happening.


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