Wordless Wednesday - May 18, 2011

Meeting Aurora at Sleeping Beauty Castle


  1. Cheers Loren,

    Bonjour to you this gorgeous morning :) Allow me to introduce myself: I am Jennifer Susannah Devore: authoress, history geek, fashionphile and all around Disney dork! (I worked there through college, grew up having dinner at The Blue Bayou regularly with the Parental Units and am, bien-sur, a passport holder as well.)

    Anyhoo, I found your amazing photos of The Haunted Mansion on Flickr and have used them, appropriately with full credit, in two of my recent blog posts (please see jenniferdevore.blogspot.com). I believe your shots are some of the most detailed and beautiful I've seen yet of the Magic Kingdom. Please, take a peek ... I hope I've done you justice :)

    Should you be curious:


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