A Review: TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy at the El Capitan

I got a chance to see TRON: Legacy at the El Capitan today (opening day) and found the film to be quite enjoyable.

First of all, I highly recommend watching the film at the El Capitan if you live nearby. Not only do they have a light cycle and the shiva laser on display, but they also have a fantastic laser light show that really pumps you up to watch the film. Leave it to the El Capitan to put on a good show!

Laser Light Show at the El Capitan before TRON: Legacy

The film doesn't require you to have watched the original in order to enjoy the sequel. There's enough back story in it that will fill people in. Frankly, I disagree with some of the reviews that argue the film is light on story. The story kept my attention throughout the film. If anything, my problem with the story was that it could sometimes get a little convoluted and rife with tech talk and it could be derivative. There are some things that I felt were lifted out of a Star Wars film. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. But, honestly, it didn't bother me that much. I still enjoyed the story.

I think everybody agrees that the visuals are quite beautiful. I don't know if this is the movie that 3D was made for, as is suggestged in the previews. But, the visuals are stunning. One of my favorite scenes was the light cycle battle. Whereas in the original, the light cycles moved along an electronic checkerboard grid, the movement was more fluid and happened on different planes. We no longer think horizontally and vertically in video games. The Grid represents the three dimensionality that we are used to in today's standards.

TRON: Legacy Light Cycle on display at the El Capitan

What I found the most amazing was the fact that all the scenes of seeing Kevin Flynn when he was younger or as his program counterpart Clu, this was all computer extrapolations of Jeff Bridges' face from the original film. Many people think they just gave the current Jeff Bridges a digital face lift. Now, we've seen this technology before with Marlon Brando's appearance in Superman Returns, but, this Kevin Flynn moves around and shows many more emotions. So, I disagree with some people's assertions that there's not enough innovation in this film that is the sequel of what could be seen as the Matrix of its time.

I'd definitely see this film again (especially at the El Capitan).

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