TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer # 3

Disney has certainly done an excellent job in marketing TRON: Legacy. I would be really surprised if this doesn't do well. At this point, it could be a really, really bad movie and still do well.

I just wish they put this kind of marketing into Tangled.


  1. I think they're marketing Tangled less because it's a princess movie and thus reaches a wide audience of parents with children and it'll do well regardless of heavy marketering or not. Tron on the other hand is a sequel and that tends to put people off on it's own. It's also a bit of a niche movie so I can see why they choose to throw the budged for marketing against that one. I'm exited for both, but especially for Tron. In my opinion that's the movie 3D was made for :)

  2. Oh, I get why they're not marketing Tangled as much, but, it sometimes makes me sad because its through animation that Walt Disney built his empire. I am totally excited about TRON: Legacy, though, and Disney has done everything to make sure I don't forget about that excitement. You'd LOVE ElecTRONica and the TRONcore of World of Color at Disney California Adventure. I also heard they green lit a TRON ride for Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Excited!


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