The Moviefone Blog (November 3, 2010) - 'Toy Story 4' Not Happening, But 'Toy Story' Shorts Arriving Next Year

Taping of A Christmas Fantasy Parade for the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade Special
Interestingly enough, I just wrote last night in my review of Toy Story 3 that I hope they don't do any more Toy Story movies. This article says there are no talks of a Toy Story 4, but that they are planning to do some Toy Story shorts. This I can see. I think the trilogy of movies tell a complete story that leads to a powerful conclusion. But, I would not object to their being little vignettes about Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and the gang.
By the way, I also disagree with this author's description of Cars as mediocre, although, I can understand why he would write that. The first time I saw Cars, I didn't think much of it. But, after having watched some of the special features on the DVD and listening to some of the creators talk about the creative process in that film, I think its actually quite a beautiful film worthy of the Pixar name. Plus, it looks absolutely beautiful in Blu-Ray. :)
Thanks to @artimus on Twitter for posting the link.


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