The Disney Blog (November 8, 2010) - ‘Tangled’ is Fun, But Could Have Been Better

Before you read the link to this review of Tangled from The Disney Blog or, maybe even this tumblr entry, please note there might be potential spoilers. Actually, I didn't think the reviewer spoiled anything, but a commenter on the entry made some kind of snarky comment about there being no spoiler alert. So, if you don't want to know anything about the film, please skip this.
The review, however, concerns me about the music of the film. I'm worried that Disney is creating another film where the songs do not gel with the rest of the film. I really do feel that The Princess and the Frog suffered from this. This is not to say that the songs in The Princess and the Frog were not good. But, they just didn't fit organically into the film. They felt like songs for the sake of having songs. Classic Disney films have always managed to make songs part of the story. Howard Ashman was a genius of doing this and was not only involved in writing lyrics, but shaping the story of the movies he worked on.
Of course, I cannot judge something I have not seen yet, so I remain excited about seeing Tangled. So, we will see!


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