Stitch Kingdom (November 3, 2010) - Disney Consumer Products Announces One-Of-A-Kind ‘TRON: Legacy’ Pop-Up Shop/Cafe in Culver City, CA

Must. Go. To. This.

I have to admit that Disney has been doing a fabulous job in the promotion of TRON: Legacy. I wish, though, they'd provide the same kind of promotion for Tangled. From ElecTRONica to TRON Night to the TRONcore at World of Color, Disney has really been making sure that TRON: Legacy is the big event of the winter season.

This pop-up shop seems like yet another clever idea. It's doubtful, though, that I'll be able to be one of the first 300 to get a cool gift in exchange for my movie ticket. Sadness...
Opening Show at ElecTRONica


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