My 5 Favorite Things To Do A Disney California Adventure

The Disney Parks Blog asked the question - What are your five favorite things to do at Disney California Adventure park?

Maybe a year ago, I would have been hard pressed to have given you five "favorite" things to do there. I don't think I much liked the park that much a year ago. But, while Disney California Adventure is under massive construction right now, the improvements have been great. Whereas, a year ago, I could probably only spend a couple hours over there, now I find that I could spend the whole day there without even going over to Disneyland. I can only imagine the next couple of years will make the park even better and better.

It was actually a tough list for me to put together. I tried not to be SO obvious and only put in one of the big E-Ticket attractions. I really tried to think about things that I had to do every time I came into Disney California Adventure. So, this eliminated things like World of Color and ElecTRONica, which I love, but don't always do. There's also one in here that I don't necessarily always do just because I don't always get to come at opening, but I included it because it is an opening morning ritual. Anyway, here' my five favorite things to do at Disney California Adventure:

1) Riding the Tower of Terror - This is one of my favorite rides at the Disneyland Resort. I think it's one of the best themed rides and there are some fantastic cast members there that keep the creepiness of the atmosphere going!

Me getting ready to go on the Tower of Terror

2) Watching the Rafters on Grizzly River Run - While I love riding Grizzly River Run, I actually love watching the rafters even more. I enjoy seeing the fun their having and listening to all the screams from unexpectedly getting wet by a rogue gyser. Plus, Grizzly Peak is one of my favorite Disney icons and I can't get enough of looking at it!

Grizzly River Run Riders getting soaked by a geyser

3) Getting my picture with Jessie in Paradise Pier - My first magical moment at Disney California Adventure involved a fun visit with Jessie and then going on Toy Story Midway Mania! and hearing Jessie's theme song "When She Loved Me." Everything just tied together so well and I even got weepy. Now, I make it a point to visit Jessie whenever I'm there.
Jessie and Me Skipping Down Paradise Pier Boardwalk
This photo was taken by my friend Ryan Lamb! All rights reserved.

4) Breakfast at Pacific Wharf Cafe - I love walking in at opening and going directly to the Pacific Wharf Cafe where I can relaxingly sit and have a very reasonably priced breakfast and watch the guests come in.

The Pacific Wharf Cafe

5) Walking throughout Paradise Pier and listening to the new soundtrack - I love walking throughout Paradise Pier with its new soundtrack of 1920s swing and west coast ragtime on the Boardwalk and in Paradise Park. It used to be painful to endure the old soundtrack. This new soundtrack makes me feel like I'm in another place and another time!



  1. Oh man I wish we had something like Grizzly in Disneyland Paris! I LOVE rides like that!

  2. Grizzly River Run is a lot of fun, especially when it's hot outside. And, Grizzly Peak is just a beautiful icon to look at!


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