It All Started With A Mouse? Mice? Mice and a Cat? Or A Rabbit? Or A Little Girl?

I was talking with a friend this morning about it being Mickey's and Minnie's birthday today. Although, it seems like most people aren't wishing Minnie a happy birthday which didn't make a lot of sense to me. The Walt Disney Company celebrates Mickey's brithday as November 18, 1928, the day that Steamboat Willie was released. But, why is there no mention of Minnie Mouse considering that she starred with him in that short? For that matter, shouldn't we also wishing Pete a happy birthday since it was his first appearance, too?

Anyway, I joked that Walt should have said, "It all started with MICE" rather than "MOUSE."

I understand that Mickey Mouse is the cultural icon, the corporate symbol and the ambassador of an empire, but, Minnie Mouse has been there with him from the start. I think she deserves as much love and admiration. Kids get just as excited to see her as they do with her sweetheart.

But, then, my friend said, "Actually, it should all started with a RABBIT."

He, of course, was referencing Oswald the Rabbit.

It's interesting. Everybody is glad that Oswald is back as part of the Disney family, but, if you think about it...if Walt Disney never lost Oswald to Universal, would he have created Mickey Mouse? And, would he have struck out on his own and created his empire?

I think, when Walt made the comment about it all starting with a MOUSE, that he was referring to the start of his empire and not the start of his animation career. Besides, if we were talking about animation career, before there was Oswald, there was Alice.

So, what do you think? Did it all start with a MOUSE, MICE, MICE and a CAT, a RABBIT or a LITTLE GIRL?


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