I Love A Parade...Just Not Celebrate! A Street Party

Well, tomorrow is the last day to watch Celebrate! A Street Party.

And, I think I join many people in saying "Good ridance!"

For me, Celebrate! truly was one of the worst things Disneyland has ever done. Admittedly, I'd ocassionally make my way to City Hall just to complain about it. Now, when I say this, I do not mean to speak badly of all the performers in the parade who I felt did a stellar job with what they were handed. But, for me, when I'm watching a parade at Disneyland, I want it to provoke some kind of emotional response...something that lets me forget that I'm adult and gives me permission to be a kid again...something that conjurs up all the wonderful Disney traditions and history. Celebrate! did none of this. Honestly, I could care less if Winnie the Pooh loved rock n' roll or Mary Poppins couldn't stop the beat.

Celebrate! A Street Party

Celebrate! A Street Party

I will say one good thing about it...which, ironically, was the thing I also hated about it. Because it stopped, it was easier to enjoy the performers and take pictures. But, also, because it stopped, it created daily traffic nightmares, particularly on Main Street, that just made you want to avoid the park after 3:30 in the afternoon. I wouldn't have minded it so much if the parade were something I wanted to stop for all the time. But, the garish design of the parade just kept me wanting to run screaming.

This Around Disney article is also polling what I thought was the most memorable Disney parade. Two come immediately to mind - one that was a choice in the poll and the other that was not.

The first one would have to have been the Bicentennial Parade. I mean, you want to talk about a parade of tradition and magic. I remember watching all those big headed characters walk by and, even at an early age, feeling proud to be an American. After the miles and miles of floats celebrating US history, we were treated to even more floats of characters. I remember being very excited to see the float with the Aristocats and the one with the Three Little Pigs.

Below are a couple of photos of the Bicentennial Parade (These photos were taken at Walt Disney World...I'm still looking for old photos of this parade from Disneyland):

Bicentennial Parade at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Bicentennial Parade at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

But, my absolute favorite parade of all time was the Main Street Electrical Parade. I say "was" because, for me, the experience (or, at least my memories) is completely different watching it on Main Street than at Disney California Adventure. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love it as Disney's Electrical Parade. But, there was something very special about watching it at Main Street and not just because it originated there. One of my clear childhood memories is sitting in front of the Crystal Arcade with my family and watching the lights go out only to hear that most wonderfully synthesized introduction. I remember feeling the smile widen on my face and my chest tightening from sheer anticipation of watching thousands of dazzling lights and all my favorite characters coming down the street. Oh, the memories!

Pete's Dragon in Disney's Electrical Parade

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming Soundsational Parade which is scheduled for next year. Hopefully, it will signal a return to all that I love in a parade. I think it will, at least, look great with art direction from the talented Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.

Anyway, I bid you adieu, Celebrate! A Street Party. Sadly, you won't be missed.

In Everything You Do, Celebrate YOU!


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