Disney Parks Blog (November 5, 2010) - Vinylmation Turns Two

How weird...I can't believe its been two years since Vinylmation first permeated our lives. I remember when it was first introduced. I told myself, "There is no way I'm getting myself into this Vinylmation thing."
Now, two years later...take a look at my collection (actually, this is only 2/3 of it. I have about 1/3 of it in other locations):
Anyway, the Disney Parks Blog asked what figure I thought was the best from the last two years. There have actually been many cool ones (as well as many dumb ones - Gears Vinylmation, anyone?), but, perhaps, the one that is closest to my heart is the Park #2 chaser - Pongo! For 13 years, I had a beloved dalmatian named Birney. She passed away around the time that this chaser came out. Ironically, I could never seem to get Pongo through purchasing the boxes, but, a dear friend ended up giving it to me. It is one of the most special ones I own:

Vinylmation - Park #2 chaser: PONGO


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