DAPs Magic (November 3, 2010) - Love Song From TANGLED Previewed Online

I have been waiting to hear a song from Tangled. I always say that a Disney Animated Classic is only as good as its music.
DAPS Magic has posted a preview is "I See The Light" which is performed by Mandy Moore (who plays Rapunzel) and Zach Levi (who plays Flynn Rider). It sounds like it would be the yearning song. My first impression is that it's interesting and it's different, but I don't know exactly how I feel about it. I understand the need to want music to sound different from movie to movie, but, I also know there is an expectation that people have when they go see a Disney movie. This sounds more Joni Mitchell than Kristen Chenoweth. It's a pretty song, but is it a song that people will be singing to themselves for years to come?
That said, I've also felt the same way about many a Disney and Broadway hit. So, it will be an entirely different experience seeing it in the context of the film or with the animation attached. I almost wish they'd have done the preview with the animation.
One thing that I can say is that, while I've always been a fan of Mandy Moore and she sounds as good as ever, I am pleasantly surprised by the singing voice of Zach Levi.
I am very much looking forward to this film and have already purchased my tickety for opening day at the El Capitan. So, I reserve my judgement on this and the film until I see the whole thing.


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