Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Well, sadly, I do not have my copy of Toy Story 3 on Blu-Ray yet. I ordered it through the Disney Movie Club because I was ordering a couple other Blu-Rays and found it would be cheaper to order that way. Unfortunately, Disney Movie Club is slow at shipping. I hope to get it soon, but, since it was released today, I thought I'd write my review on Toy Story 3.
When I first found out that Pixar was going to do yet another sequel to its popular Toy Story franchise, I was a little reticent. It did a fantastic job with its first sequel and it introduced one of my favorite characters of all time - Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. But, could lightning strike a third time? If you look at a lot of movie franchises, the third film always ends up being the worst. And, with this particular franchise, the third movie was coming out so long after the second movie.
But, it turns out that the amount of time that had passed was perfect timing, but I'll get to that in a minute.
Toy Story 3 picks up 11 years later with Andy going off to college. Woody and friends have spent several of these years in a trunk hoping that, one day, Andy would remember that they are there and play with them once more. After several attempts of getting Andy to notice them and not having success, they decide to accept their fate of storage in the attic. Andy's mom insists that he either get rid of stuff or put stuff up in the attic. When Andy starts putting all his toys in a garbage bag, the toys believe that they are being thrown out, even though he plans to put them in the attic. Worse, through a series of unfortunate events, the toys actually end up on the curb for garbage pick up. It is then that they decide to put fate into their own hands and put themselves in a box meant for donation to a daycare center.
When they arrive at Sunnyside Daycare Center, it looks like it would be toy heaven - a place where they can be played with for the rest of their lives. But, soon, they find that life at Sunnyside is not as sunny as it seems. Through it all, the toys learn a lesson about family, friendship and loyalty.
I think Toy Story 3 turned out to be a wonderful ending of a chapter in the life of toys. We've seen how toys fear being replaced and how toys fear being forgotten only to find out that these fears are unfounded. But, what happens when a toy's life comes to a natural end with a person? The story is told with such pathos that one would be hard pressed to find a person who didn't tear up just a little bit. It's a story about saying good-bye and everybody, at one point in their lives, has to say good-bye to something or someone.
What was amazing - and definitely exemplies why the creative people of Pixar are so good at what they do - was that there were times where the toys were in "toy mode" and would have a static expression on their faces, but, at the same time, you felt the emotions that they toys were feeling. It's just a joy to watch.
I actually hope they don't make any more Toy Story movies after this just because it was such a perfect ending to a trilogy. Don't get me wrong, I love these characters and Toy Story 3 definitely reminded me why I love them. But, this film was just such a beautiful bookend with a natural conclusion that I would hate to see it spoiled.
I can't wait for my Blu-Ray to come so that I can watch all three movies back-to-back and relive the story again and again.


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