Here We Go Again (I Hear The Trumpets Blow Again)

So, it's been awhile since I've picked up the keyboard to blog, but, ever since I got my Annual Passport to Disneyland this year and meeting so many fabulous people, I wanted to have a place to write down my experiences. I tended to stop writing because I had too much to write about. So, I'm hoping that by focusing on my love of all things Disney that this will be something a little more doable.

So, why call my blog "Another Gay At Disneyland?"

First, it's a play on "Another DAY At Disneyland."

But, mostly, because there are a lot of gay Disneyland fans and Annual Passholders. I am just one. Although, as such, I can't help but talk about Disney without coming from a gay perspective.

I'm hoping, though, that the name of this blog or the fact that I'm gay will not deter the open minded Disney fan from reading this blog and, dare I say, commenting once in awhile.

So, away we go...second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. :)


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