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The Red Headed Wench Conundrum

There has been much discussion about the recent news of Disney Parks altering a classic scene in its "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. The change would take place at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2018 with the debut happening at Disneyland Paris when it reopens from refurbishment later this year. The scene in question is the bride auction with the beloved "Red Headed Wench" which has been cosplayed at many a convention. Instead of her now being a potential bride being auctioned off as a surly pirate cries, "We wants the Red Head," the character will now be a pirate herself auctioning off goods they've looted from villagers.

My immediate reaction is really of not caring. I love the classics, but I'm not so inflexible as to allow in change. For example, "its a small world" has always been my favorite attraction (and, yes, I never tire of listening to the song). When they announced they would be adding Disney characters to this classi…

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